Kennady's Dream
Christmas Toy Drive

Kennady’s Dream-Christmas Toy Drive 2011 was a great success!  We were able to take three very large bags to the Wauwatosa-Curative Birth to 3 office on Friday, December 23. We were welcomed with many warm hugs from some of the therapists of Birth to 3, they are the heart of the program! It was like Christmas morning for us and the therapists as they quickly unpacked each bag to see what was inside.  We were overjoyed with their enthusiasm as they almost instantly knew what toy would benefit what child.  I think every gift already had an assigned home inside their head before we left that day!

Thank you to those that donated money, gift cards and gifts.  Every single gift we received was perfect!  It was exciting for us to see Kennady’s “Dream Team” rise to the occasion once more! Your donations will bring many smiles to the children of Birth to 3. 

A second thank you to the many people of Birth to 3, you had enriched Kennady’s life in more ways than we can mention.  Spinal muscular atrophy is a horrible, debilitating disease, but you helped her excel in her strengths.  This program greatly benefited Kennady, and her therapist became a part of our family as they entered our home each week with new “homework” to expand Kennady’s mind, body and soul.  There were very few people that knew how to read Kennady’s expressions like we did, and her therapist was one of them. Thank you Kennady’s Dream Team, you warmed our hearts with some Christmas spirit this year.